Above and beyond in standard specifications.

i-cube standard specifications include the latest technologies and equipment for your ideal home.

Super-Insulation and Highly energy-efficiency

Super-Insulation achieves Q value of 0.76w/m2·K which is far exceeding industry standard. *1

Super Aseismatic and Durable Structure

Twin monocoque box structure consisting of wood preservative treated panel systems.

All Floor Heating System

Radiant heating panels cover almost 100% of living space , and provides uniform temperatures throughout house.

Totally-Electrified House

Heat pump system , induction cooktop , and all floor heating system offers ecconomization through combining all energy costs into a single source.

*1. The Q value (Heat Loss Coefficient) of 0.76 w/m2·K is calculated using our model plan (148.76m2) and may vary depending on the plan.